Packages & Pricing

Professional services, simple pricing.


This is a great package if you are looking to get some shots taken and need to stay within a budget and maintaining the same great quality.

Included in this package:

1 Hour with Photographer

50 Professionally Retouched Images

Digital Copies

Online Access

No Physical Copies


More bang for your buck. This package is great for couples or if you want to have extra time to get those perfect shots. Not only that but you get 6 prints to share.

Included in this package:

2 Hours with Photographer

100 Professionally Retouched Images

Digital Copies

Online Access

6 Physical Copies


Got events? This package is ideal for events, parties, group or business pictures. Feel free to contact us is you have a specific need.

Included in this package:

3 Hours with Photographer

175 Professionally Retouched Images

Digital Copies

Online Access

12 Physical Copies

Print Bundles & Extras



Print Bundle

 If you happen to run out of time during your shoot or need more time ahead of shooting, that option is available.



Print Bundle 2

So you've taken your pictures but now you want them - forever. No problem. Our Photo Bundle 1 includes a total of 20 images printed on quality long-lasting archival paper.



Print Bundle 3

Your photos are done and they look amazing. Share them with everyone. This photo bundle includes a total of 42 images in various sizes that you can share with friends or family.




Though many folks want their pictures taken either outdoors either on a school campus or known location like downtown, we do offer an indoors professional studio option.

More Information

How do I schedule?

You can schedule a photo shoot with us by going to the Contact or by clicking here. Additionally, you can call or text us at 520-261-9022. We can schedule a time and place for a future date.

Do I have to get a Photo Bundle or can I get Individual pictures?

You are able to add more prints to a package in different sizes and finishes. You can scroll below to see print prices standalone.

How and when do I pay for my images?

You are not charged until your photos have been completed and edited. You can pay either in cash, Credit or Debit in person, or via Online Invoice.

How long after the shoot will my photos be ready?

Once your pictures have been taken, it usually takes 5-10 business days to receive your images. This is due to processing, editing, and printing (if applicable). Our goal is to process everything within 7 days.

Get Started

Give us a call or text at 520-499-6270. You can also click the button below and send us a message.
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Individual Print Pricing

Size Price
Wallet Prints (x8) $4.99
3.5" x 5" $2.50
4" x 6" $2.99
5" x 7" $3.99
8" x 10" $6.99
8.5" x 11" $7.29
11" x 14" $9.99
16" x 20" $26.99

Included in Photo Bundles

Number of Prints Photo Bundle 1 Photo Bundle 2
Wallet Prints (x8) 1 2
3.5" x 5" 4 6
4" x 6" 5 6
5" x 7" 2 4
8" x 10" 1 2
8.5" x 11" 0 1
11" x 14" 0 1